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Greetings, I'm Carisa Jones. Welcome to Blessed Self Healing. Today we are here to talk about anxiety and depression. What does it mean? It means different things to different people. What can we do on a natural note to enhance and support ourselves so that we can work through these states and come out empowered. First thing I do is test people for serotonin level. There isn't a good blood test currently for checking serotonin level. We look energetically at the serotonin levels.We like to also look at how the brain functions with B vitamins. What is the level of B vitamins? Those are your energy vitamins. They have to do with the energetic system. Your mind needs energy and rewards you when it has the right amount. The vitamins for the brain are the B vitamins such as B12, B complex. I suggest B complex to most of my clients. What is the food for the brain? If the brain is fed properly it will be happier and healthier. Omega 3, 6, and 9 is the food for the brain. We need to make sure we are getting oils in our diet such as fish oil. I suggest to everybody to buy bottles of oilinstead of capsules. Capsules are good for traveling, but if you have the opportunity to keep a bottle in the refridgerator, it is suggested. It can be taken in a shot glass or a tablespoon. 

Food for the brain, vitamins, and minerals are very important. If you're experiencing headaches, minerals are good for that. We are made of dirt of this earth. We are the dust of the earth and to dust we will return, like it says in the Bible. We are made of minerals. Calcium, magnesium, pottasium. Very important to check the levels of these minerals in the body. We talk a lot about vitamins, but not enough about minerals. If we took dirt and looked at it under the microscope, what would be there? We need to make sure we have those balanced minerals. With all this talk about "less salt", please watch our segment about salt so you can learn more. How imporant is salt to the human body? We are the salt of the earth. We must check these levels and be aware of them. Mineral content must be added back into the body. All of this helps the mind function. On top of that we can also supplement with amino acids. Taurine is my favorite. If you do come up with lower serotonin levels you want ot take 5-HTP, and St. Johns Wort is good too. You can also take pregnenolone which is great for children with ADHD or anxiety issues. Same is a product that has worked well for many people.

These are suggestions for things that you can consume to boost your cognition and relax your brain tissues so that they can feel able to support you. One way to know if your serotonin is low is if you feel like you're not really you. If you're a calm person but you want to get something out of the soda machine and you suddenly feel like you want to kick the machine. When you are going to do a behavior that is not the norm and it builds up inside of you, you've got an imbalance. The anxiety, if not managed can become depression. You don't just start out with depression. There's many ways that you can use your mind to help yourself and heal and engage and further your ability to manage anxiety. This is by knowing as things happen, what you would do. There are great video tapes and audiotapes that you can listen to that doctors and psychologists have worked through which can help you bring your anxiety levels down.

Breathing exercises help bring anxiety levels down. You can watch our segments on breathing at Blessed Self Healing. Anxiety levels are brought down when you understand and feel anchored and supported. Also it depends on whether your brain has the nutrition, vitamins, and mineral content that it needs. If there are any enzymes missing it can affect your brain also. When your amino acids are balanced the brain balances itself. Watch your amino acid intake and your behavior will change. Be aware, and have tools setup that you can use when you are feeling anxiety. Don't allow anxiety to lead itself into depression. Be ready, be able, and when you have these tools you can take it in and stop the anxiety. Thank you very much. This is Carisa Jones and you've watched Blessed Self Healing. Join us again!

Lemon is 100 times stronger than chemotherapy!

Lemon (Citrus) is an amazing product that kills cancer cells. This is 100 times stronger than chemotherapy.

How do not we know about this? Because there are laboratories interested in creating a synthetic version that will bring them huge profits. You can now help a friend in need by letting him / her know that lemon juice is very helpful in preventing disease. Its taste is pleasant and it does not have the horrendous impact of chemotherapy. How many people will die while this mystery will remain stored so as not to expose the bankruptcy of large corporations?

Lemon juice is credited with many virtues, but the most interesting is the impact that it has on cysts and tumors. It's proven remedy against cancers of all types. Some say that the juice is very useful in all variants of cancer. Many see the lemon as an anti-microbial drug that is effective against bacterial infections and fungi. Effective against internal parasites and worms, regulates high blood pressure, is an excellent anti-depressant, and relieves nervous disorders. Not to mention the fact that the lemon - is a source of vitamins!

Greetings! I am Carisa Jones, welcome to Blessed Self Healing.


Today we're going to talk about kidney stones. What are the suggestions I have for clients who come in asking about kidney stones? My favorite remedy is a salt bath. Get in the bathtub with warm water and a half cup to a cup of Himalayan or Epsom salt. Mix the salt until it is dissolved into a glass of water and then add it to the bathtub. Take a big thermos of parsley tea in the bath with you and a eat a bowl of watermelon as well. Eat the watermelon and the drink tea while in the bathtub. Stay in the bathtub for at least an hour and a half. While you're in the tub you should urinate.


Why do this? If your body is a teabag, it needs to soak to soak itself out. If you're in the bath for only 5 or 10 minutes, the toxins will not come out. As you're soaking you should lean back and the kidneys will flush out. Parsley has a wonderful effect on the kidneys, it is very cleansing. Make sure you drink apple juice from a whole apple, including the seeds. Malic acid from the apple seeds will soften the kidney stones. Malic acid can be purchased in capsule form. Drink a tall glass of apple juice every day. If you do a kidney cleanse, you will be drinking a gallon of apple juice per day.


Six baths is one cycle for this treatment. Be sure to stay in an hour and a half. Make sure the water goes from hot to cold by itself without turning the cold water on. Urinate in the tub, eat the watermelon, and drink the parsley tea. You can take a big bunch of parsley, wash it, and boil it up to make your own tea. The second suggestion I have for kidney stones, after drinking the apple juice everyday, you may want to do a kidney cleanse, which is stopping food and only taking in liquid. You can drink up to a gallon of apple juice and distilled water per day. Have a glass of salt water, and you can also do salt water enemas. This cleanses the kidneys.


On our website we have suggestions of kidney cleanse. You're more than welcome to hear it on Blessed Self Healing Radio or in print. Just go to there and you will find all of the recipes written down for you. Have fun with it! Cleanse your kidneys. Thank you so much for joining us, this is Carisa Jones at Blessed Self Healing. Have a good day!



Today we are speaking about the final element, which is minerals. We are from dust and will return to dust. We're made of dirt. If you analyze dirt under a microscope what would you see? It's made up of a lot of minerals. When taking vitamins every day we have to make sure that there are minerals in them. Organic food has a higher mineral content than conventional food. Our dirt is important when growing things to rotate the crops so that different minerals can be absorbed by different plants. Lets talk about the dirt that we are. When my clients come to me we always check on the basic dirt elements, how much potassium, how much sodium, how much magnesium is in the blood. What can we add? How much hydrochloric acid is being produced? People ask about heartburn and different conditions. If you were to bake a brownie or cake mix it tells you how much oil to add, how many  eggs, how much water or milk to add. If you're preparing a recipe it matters if you leave something out.


If there is something in the bloodstream that is left out in the mineral content, the blood will behave in a different way. If you have low magnesium or potassium or not enough calcium it will definitely affect your blood and how you feel. People with low magnesium get cramped toes or a twitch in the eye. Many different responses to lack of some mineral in your blood. I say to everyone, look at the mineral content of the food that you're eating. The green vegetables, and fruits will have a higher mineral content if they are organic. If not, you can supplement by taking green drink, chlorella pills, or liquid drops with minerals in them. There is also Willards water, which is dark water with minerals in it. We have to do something to add those minerals to our diet. I do suggest for people who are up for testing their vitamin and mineral content to try it. I use equipment which is based on quantum physics and we do energy testing on the human body.


You can use kinesthesiology, or go to a chiropractor. A lot of people will ask their body what is missing and they could help go through a whole list and find if there is a mineral your body is missing. I highly suggest that we remember minerals as the important thing to add to the diet. Please look at your magnesium and calcium levels. If you want to rebuild bone mass you should supplement with calcium. You need to have weight bearing exercises which utilize your spine if you are into osteoporosis or osteopenia. You need to make sure you are adding calcium if this is the case. Make sure you're not drinking carbonated beverages. In our water segment we mentioned In the Garden of Eden there was no bubbly streams. There is no such thing as carbonation in Gods way so the human body was never meant for carbonation.


Carbonation depletes the marrow of the bone. Under a scanner it shows in the spine that all of the bones are hollowing like bird bones. I can't understand why they still put carbonation into mineral water. Please choose when drinking water to make sure there is no carbonation. The same goes for soda, just say no thank you. Stick with flat water. I suggest you don't even drink Kombucha which has carbonation. I recommend that you stay with flat water which you can add minerals to such as green powders and green pills or you can juice greens yourself. From dust we are to dust we'll return. We are the mineral of the earth, we are dirt. We must understand how important for brain function minerals are. Low serotonin people and people taking any kind of anxiety medication, you must supplement with minerals. Clients come to me all the time with migraine headaches. The one thing in my 25 years of experience that I've found is that if you increase your mineral intake it will definitely ease headaches. We have to bake the cake with all of the elements, and our bloods elements are minerals.



We are talking about the six elements to health. Today we are speaking of element number five. What is baking soda and why is it important? Is it the box we pick up at the grocery store or something else? Sodium bicarbonate is baking soda. Every cell of your body needs sodium bicarbonate. It is a fizzy salt. What does it mean? It throws every cell into action to clean up, push out what it doesn't need, and suck in what it does need. It is one of the most important elements that God decided is his favorite. How often to eat baking soda?

Most of us only cook with baking soda. Buy brands such as Red Mill in a plastic bag, not a box like Arm & Hammer which has aluminum in it and is very gritty. It should be like soft baby powder and aluminum free. We want to use the baking soda in water or eat it by itself. Set a container in your bathroom to clean your teeth, gums, tongue, and the roof of your mouth. Lets talk about why it's so important to clean these parts of the mouth. When we talked about element one which is oxygen, we talked about breathing and activating the most healing joint in the body by resting the tongue on the roof of the mouth. If turning on a light switch you turn it up and the light comes on. If I put my tongue and rest it on the roof of my mouth, there's a connection. The light in my brain can come on. All day long remember to rest the tongue on the roof of your mouth and clean both three times a day with baking soda. Fungus' and bacteria come out of the tongue, a white film some mornings when we wake up. Be sure to clean this up by cleaning three times a day. It balances the body's PH.

That's the miracle of baking soda, it is a natural PH balancer by giving the body alkalinity. You can buy expensive water filters which can make the water a neutral PH or you can buy a bag of baking soda for a few dollars. It can be put under the arms, gargle with it and salt, sprinkle it on your food etc. Put it all around the house. Add it to any water you drink throughout the day. Its amazing how quickly the baking soda works to neutralize the acidic saliva, blood, or urine. Element number five is baking soda. We must add it back into our lives because it is so important. Add it to the bath every night. If you don't know what to put on something such as a bug bite, make a baking soda paste and put it on. My clients love when I tell them my favorite thing to use baking soda for. If you ever have a canker sore or cut in your mouth be sure to baking soda to heal it daily. It will sting at first but it will heal any cuts in your mouth.

Thank you for joining us at Blessed Self Healing, I am Carisa Jones.
Welcome to Blessed Self Healing! We've been speaking about the six elements that the human body needs. Today we are going to present element number four - OIL. The liver needs to have oil. Many people think of coconut oil, butter, or fried foods. These are not the oils your body wants. Omega 3, 6, and 9 essential fatty acids are what it wants.

Why are these important to the body? Because our liver just like the engine of a car, can only run on oil. What types of oil? Some suggestions for omega 3 oil are, fish oil, cod liver oil, krill oil. Then there are omega 6 and 9, the plant oils. I suggest grapeseed oil. If you have an allergy to nuts, avocados, and olives, you can buy 6 different oils. There is hazelnut oil, walnut oil, flaxseed oil, pumpkin seed oil, hemp heart oil. Whichever oil you like, but buy a variety. You don't eat carrots every day, so you shouldn't have the same oil every day. When dealing with oils refrigerate as soon as opening. Do not drink oil that has been sitting after being opened. When using oils medicinally we want them to be fresh, not oxidized, and able to be absorbed by the body.

Please buy fresh oil and keep it in your refrigerator. There are 3, 6, and 9 combined in one bottle that some brands sell. There are vitamin supplements that are oil encapsulated. The only concern in this form is that you take enough. You'd have to take 8 capsules of different oil every day. I suggest that you buy bottles. Take a shot glass with different oils mixed together two times per day. If you are doing a gallbladder cleanse you can drink up to a half cup of oil the night you are cleansing and chase it with some lemons. This will clean out your gallbladder. Think about adding oils into your diet. If you touch the desk it will leave a fingerprint. This is left by oil from your skin. Think of it like a car leaking oil, you would certainly add some oil every day or every week. Its something new to understand how much oil your body uses.

Here are some signs that your body needs oil: dry hair, dry skin, liver spots, a crease in the middle of the forehead. Some other signs are dandruff, dry or chapped lips. If you drink oil every day the body will be oiling up your insides so your nails, hair, and skin can have enough oil to process. If ducks didn't have enough oil in the feather, there would be a danger of solvents or chemicals getting between the feathers and on their skin. I encourage you to just buy olive oil or grapeseed oil, instead of buying beauty products made with oil from the drugstore. Olive oil and grapeseed oil have virtually no smell. You can put it on your hands, feet, and legs. Its fantastic! If the oil hardens in the refrigerator take it out 5 minutes early. A lot of people like to put coconut oil on their skin. Oil can be put into hair.

I truly believe oil shouldn't be heated, use them medicinally. Keep them cool. Maybe mix a few different oils into a jar, and keep that on the counter to refill when its empty. The more pure and fresh the oil is, the higher medicinal value it will provide. The gallbladder will be cleaned out by the oil, which is the trash of the liver. There is a small duct in the gallbladder which can be greased up using oil so that everything in there can exit the body. Anything in the gallbladder which can form gallstones, we want it to slide out and move out of the body. Thats how we do it, we oil ourselves up. Remember your oils, use them every day, a couple shots a day. Put it on your salad, on your rice, potatoes, or green beans. Put it on after you're done cooking them. Enjoy the oils! Let them flow!

Thank you for joining us at Blessed Self Healing, I am Carisa Jones. Have a nice day!

Today we are speaking about the third element. Last time two episodes spoke about element one being oxygen, number two water, and element number three is salt. We are the salt of the earth. In the past people were paid in salt. Salt was the major preservative for many years before refrigeration. Every function of our body needs salt. If our cells have more salt in them than on the water you are drinking, the cell will hold its own waste. Osmolarity is the movement of elements through the cell wall. Unnecessary elements will come out and the necessary new elements will come in to purify and clean it. If you started an IV on yourself you would use a saline solution, which has salt in it. If you want to clean yourself you could use salt. The swimming pool can be cleaned with salt. There is some magic to salt cleaning up and working with the human body and cells. Many times we are running away from salt and not using it on our food. I am here to say we are the salt of the earth. God did not make a mistake when he made put more salt water than rivers on this earth. The oceans take up 70% of the area of the earth. There is an important lesson there. I encourage everyone to use good salt such as Himalayan salt, sea salt, or celtic salt. If you visit a health food store or look online you will find salt which carry a huge mineral content. We all have minerals in our bodies. When we can get our trace elements and minerals from salt we don't need to buy need to buy vitamins and minerals. Check the mineral content and trace element of the salt you buy. Make sure they are not processed salt. Bleached and processed salt does not carry the elements and minerals we need to consume. Please look at salt and collect it. There are many different colors. Mixing the different salts is good for getting different trace elements at once. This can be added to your food, water, and even be used to brush your teeth when added to baking soda or to gargle with. Miracles happen with salt. Cuts and burns can be soaked in salt water. Insect bites such as bee stings are easily treated with salt water. When taking a bath add salt to it. When soaking your feet, do the same. Epsom salt is another form that can be used. I tend to have Himalayan and sea salt at home and I use it for everything. Element number three: Salt. We are the salt of the earth!

Today I'm going to talk about a few things I share all the time with my clients, but would like to start with a blessing for all. My blessing is to all is to reset each individual's heart, soul, and mind, to the perfection that already is. I'm going to do that through love, gratitude, and encouragement. If you follow this series you will definitely come out with some love, gratitude, and encouragement. I want to start with telling everybody why I decided to take the time and enjoy the effort that I put out to have this film. I wanted to leave my family, friends, and very blessed clients some memories of me and encouraging words, and reminders that are simple and effective in our daily walk. Today's topic is my desire to explain to everybody 5 steps and 6 elements. Every day that we wake up our body is made up of 6 simple elements. Oxygen: every cell in your body needs oxygen. We drive our breath throughout our body which brings oxygen to every cell. When I'm in the garden and digging a hole I'm go down. Instead of lifting up when taking a deep breath I relax my shoulders and breath down into my chair. Nothing should be moving up, only down. Relaxation is the most important thing we can do so that our breath can drive deep down. Push your butt deep into your chair as far as you can. There is a healing joint in your body which is located near your jaw. If you rest your tongue on the roof of your mouth you can take a wonderful deep breath in and out through your nose. Your diaphragm can fill up like a balloon. The diaphragm can take 5 times the capacity to fill up with air than your lungs. The lungs are simply a filter. When you take a deep breath use your belly, relax your shoulders, put your tongue on the roof of your mouth, breathing in and out of your nose. Drive the oxygen down to your toes.

Contained in the phones allergens can cause allergic contact dermatitis in children , which affects the skin International research scientists proved that mobile phones cause allergies in children. This became known after the study examined the effects of metals contained in the phone and details on the people. In particular , it is found that the metals contained in the phone , in particular nickel, children can cause allergic contact dermatitis. It is a common allergic disease, occurring with a lesion of the skin, resulting from direct skin contact with the allergen. According to scientists, with age the probability decreases. Therefore, the researchers advise parents to keep mobile phones away from children at least until the age of five .

Welcome to Blessed Self Healing! I am Carisa Jones. Todays topic is element number 2. Yesterday when we got together we spoke about oxygen being element number 1 and now water being element number two.

Without water which makes up most of our body, we wouldn't be in existence. Lets talk about water, people drink filtered, distilled water, reverse osmosis etc. What type of water is good for the body and why is water important?

If almost 70% of our body is made up of water then we need to replenish that water on a regular basis. I have many people come to me and ask me questions about water. There's a couple very important facts I would like to share with you.

Water is imprintable. Many years ago quite a few scientists set their works and showed us that you can set imprints on water with simple words. Dr. Emodo is one great example, he took samples of water and put labels with greetings, love, gratitude, and angels. He froze each one of the water samples. When they came out, they were beautiful crystalline snowflakes. Then he took more samples and put words like death, destruction, greed, and fear. When he put those words the samples came back muddy and brown, you could recognize a crystalline structure and they definitely weren't beautiful snowflakes.

There's something about our blessing, our intention such as kind words imprinting water. All day long we use words and we must remember that we are such a large percent water that our words are important. When we think about the earth and about the type of water God put on this earth, most of the earth is covered in salt water. Why is salt water more important than regular water? If we think of crying and our tears or sweat, it all has salt in it. The salt water is what makes our body function. When people ask what type of water, I'm not as particular about distilled versus reverse osmosis versus bottled water. I am very particular that we need to have salt water. This is not Morton's bleached salt, , but Himalayan salt or sea salt. Something that comes from the earth which is beneficial in mineral content.

What can we do with it? Eat salt, put more salt in your food, or put salt in your water. People with high blood pressure say "the doctor told me, no salt", you hear it on the television and on the radio that you shouldn't have salt. That is for the people with high blood pressure or a heart condition. The rest of us who don't have high blood pressure or heart condition must understand that we are the salt of the earth. God paid people in the Bible with salt, the soil is full of salt, and he wouldn't poison us and put salt in all of the oceans. There must be a divine reason and important for us to use Hymalayan or sea salt every day. Every time you pee you need to replenish yourself with salt. Make sure that is something you are adding to your meals every day. Not just three times per day when you are eating. Gargle with salt water, brush your teeth with baking soda and salt. Pottasium and sodium are the two different salts. Your body will take on one versus the other if you are missing one. If you are low in sodium salt, your body will retain pottasium and vice versa. Our bodies need to have a certain count of an element and we cannot live without salt. You wouldn't be able to cry, pee, or sweat. That is how important salt is. This segment is on the importance of salt. Please remember to add it back to your diet if you haven't. Get in the ocean, soak in salt water.

Talking about salt being important in our bathtubs, use epsom salt, soak your feet in salt water. When you cut yourself soak it in salt water to disinfect the area. A bee sting can also be soaked in salt water to get the stinger out. If you get in the hot bath with salt water and you stay in for a couple of hours like a tea bag, the kidney stones will dissolve while you pee in the water if you stay long enough. Our body does miraculous things with salt. Bless yourself and imprint your water body and make sure that you are adding good salt to your water. Please imprint yourself with kind words all day. I suggest to put stickers on your water bottle saying things like happiness, harmony, love, winner etc.

When you have a water bottle please use glass or stainless steel, but not aluminum. Do not drink out of plastic. Water is the source of life and our second element. It is vital for life. Take water with you, do not depend on drinking fountains because they may not have a filter. When children go to school send a few bottles of water with them, one for physical education, and one in the lunch box. Have them keep it out all day.

It’s really important to understand that 8 glasses of liquid such as tea, water or juice should be consumed every day. When you wake up in the morning you are dehydrated, drink two tall glasses of water. Thats the way to start off the day right.

Thank you so much for joining us. Have a wonderful day!

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